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    Hello! I just joined and wanted to say hi
    My name is CTheNewGirl, it's the pseudonym I use across all my gaming networks. I'm a wife, mother, Author and game tester/blogger. I write mostly science fiction, which I love(Space! I want to go to Space!) and I do my best to help indie developers test their alpha and beta platforms before release.
    I blog about everything gaming, from upcoming releases to thorough reviews. I don't do much youtube stuff (yet) but I am expanding a following and hoping to get to that in the future.
    I adore indie games, I find it impressive to watch the progress from start to finish for a game. I've tested a variety of titles from well known big names to 8-bit peeks.
    My entire little family is one of gamers so I can't say that it's only my own hobby in the house (lol)
    I'd love to be able to share what I find and write about with you and hopefully you all can help me find something new to play. I'm always searching for something new to play.
    If you were to ask about my favorite games I'd have a hard time giving you a solid title. I favor all sorts of styles of games from RPG to craftwork to FPS, you name it-i'll play it. I'm a relatively open book, I like to engage with fellow gamers and feel it's a good way to connect with people when you have real conversations-so feel free to ask me questions.
    I have a snappy tongue at times, but I believe in respectful gameplay. You wont get any vulgar remarks from me but if I feel you're being an ass i'll be sure to let you know why.

    I hope to be an active contributor here and to find some new gaming friends to laugh alongside with.

    Thanks for the read,
    Happy Gaming!

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