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Then vs Now
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Thread: Then vs Now

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    Default Then vs Now

    I'm curious, what's changed for you in life since the time you joined GF and now?

    I joined almost 12 years ago. That was probably shortly after I became a pescetarian (similar to vegetarian with the exception of seafood). I was in 7th grade. Since then, I've gotten my Bachelor's in Animal Sciences. Graduated two years ago and have been traveling ever since. I love the Nintendo Switch since I can have it with me on the road, using car chargers and solar chargers. Never thought I'd be able to actively game again, but it's... well, a game changer. I never was much of a handheld fan. I ended up spending seven months last year on a cannabis farm in Oregon, somehow. I don't smoke, but now I know how to grow it. My 11-year-old self would not have been prepared for that one, haha. This forum was a cool transition for me art-wise as well. I started off on some podunk YaBB Pokemon forum doing very simplistic sigs. Found this place and really started to push myself with graphics. I think it really helped me to build a strong foundation with GIMP that carries on to this day still in my artwork. I became a furry at some point, but I guess that was predictable with a username like KittyCat72, lmao.

    What about you?

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    Can't believe it's been 12 years. I was in the 11th grade when GF came to life and since then, I got my Bachelor's and Master's and moved to Boston for a position at the Harvard Business School.

    Bought a car when I moved here (Had a car in NYC as well but it was a family car so I left it there) and bought a house in Massachusetts in 2016. Didn't think 12 years ago that I'd have a mortgage to pay right now.

    For those that don't know, this forum started as a site for my Counter-Strike clan way back when, I then converted it to a general forum when the group dissolved. Like you and your graphics, this forum pushed me to learn programming and I became adept with SQL and PHP and eventually JavaScript and so much more. There's so much work I need to do here but my free time nowadays is close to zero, but the roadmap still exists.

    It was great to see Dess (Damage) set up that Discord for us a few months ago. Threw me back to the good old days.
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