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    Dirt is an off road racing game for the 360. It's breath taking graphics and realistic driving Physics make for a great racing game. The damage modeling is rendered very nicely and tests the graphics engine of the 360. You can choose from 6 different racing types including: big rigs, rally cars, dune buggies, and many many more. The multi player is very disappointing, you can not verse other people in races on line through Xbox live, you can only face them in time trial races which is no fun at all. The frame time of the game can become a little lagging as you race more cars but if your by yourself its not so bad but the more cars the more frame time lag. Though the damage modeling is beautifully done the car modeling can look a little arcade looking at times. Also the physics are amazingly realistic but they do take some getting used to. Although Dirt has it's flaws that doesn't mean its not a great game.


    1. breath taking graphics (for a rally game)

    2. 6 different racing types

    3. damage modeling rendered very nicely

    4. realistic driving physics (for a rally game)


    1. NO Multi Player!!!

    2. driving physics take some getting used to

    3. time frames lag at times

    4. car models can look a little arcade looking at times

    Final Review: 7/10


    Dirt is a very fun and exciting game. I normally don't like rally games but this is one I can say I did enjoy playing. Any rally fans or racing fans should enjoy this game as much as I did. Despite the fact of no real multi player or lagging game play at times, that shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying this game. I highly recommend picking this game up, you should have a lot of fun with this game.


    Game Review Staff

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