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    Default Some neat guidlines before asking.

    For us to help you faster and more accrate here are some Guidlines (not necesarry to follow, but a good idea)

    In the topic, try write something descriptive, not like
    Serius trouble, Please help fast!!!!!!!!
    try more like:
    Some T_CONSTANT Problems in PHP
    One of the most good things with that is it states a possible error message(or a debug message) and the script/programming language it's in. witch will keep those who don't knows not bisy reading the topic, witch gives them more time helping others.

    To the message inside

    Now lets say you have problem with PHP (my specialty )

    instead of writing:
    Me get error me camt onderstand! Please help me
    write more like this:
    Language: PHP
    Errors: Unexpected T_CONSTANT On line: 4
    Define("Some_constant", "ME");
    // copyright someone
    Aditional info:
    Runns fine on local but not on my remote server
    Now this is alot better(the code is not werry usual, but the error is )
    now this will give us what we need to know to help you.

    A good idea is to follow that way as i stated above, since it clearifyes what the problem is and what the code is.
    Remember, DO NOT take out some code! many ppl think stuff may not be important and take it away because it contains passwords or something else.
    Rather remove the password and/or username etc. but not any variables or sql querys

    So now, go post you problems we are always happy to help ya

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