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    Hey guys. Just wondering. What's your favorite NHL team?! Mine are the New Jersey Devils. Even though I live in Montreal, Canada :P. I just love Martin Brodeur and Elias .

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    im not a big hockey fan, but i'll say the rangers as a home team, dont watch 'em dont care about 'em but i'll root for them for no reason
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    Ew Rangers...hehe jks jks..they're pretty good actually:P...but you probably don't give a rat's as* :P....oh well.

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    I don't like hockey that much either...but my dad just happens to like all sports and he likes the Rangers too, so I'll go with them since they are close to both him and NY.

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    thats only because i lived in philly, i remmeber the days, of lindross, wow those days, were funny, lindross takes the puck, and whaaaaaaaaammmm, concussions, like what 10? does anyone agree with me on this subject, i hate the devils, which goes along.... my flyers are crapp, can't wait till we get a #1 pick.


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    Ha..We killed you guys yesterday...even though you guys we're winning 2-0...we killed you 4-3!..Caught Up! .

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    Penguins all the way...Always loved them.

    Jagr/Lemieux=Best Combo ever.

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    Ha...We (Devils) kicked Penguins a$$ today . 3-0 ...But you still got Crosby...Amazing!

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